Welcome to my little corner of the web here you will find all kinds of information about the CETME and its Grandson the G3 and now the AK Family.

Here you will find many manuals for the CETME and the G3 just click the link you need on the left and Enjoy!

I bought my CETME with quite a bit of hesitation but after reading more about them over on THE CETME PAGE I felt much better and have not looked back.

The CETME is now no longer being made from what has been said so get them where you can.

THE CETME ARCHIVE has been put on hold please avoid paying for the fake CD's you will find on Ebay they are just the files you find here FREE for D/L. The REAL CETME ARCHIVE has TONS of more info that is not online and not found on any other legal cd.


Need parts or accessorize for your CETME or HK91/G3 visit the links page for some great deals

Now that the AWB has sunset you can add the Bayonet Lug and Bayonet! and if you add another U.S. made part you can add the original flash suppresor. Click the Tip of the Month for a link to the Best Deal on the Bayo and the Lug!

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