I have always wanted a HK91 and had the opportunity to buy one once but I passed

now they sell for 2500-3000 for USED in my neck of the woods.

I saw the add for Wholesale Guns & Ammo, Inc. in Shotgun News and there it was the CETME.

It looked at first like it was a HK/G3 Clone then after doing some research I found out the CETME

came first before the HK/G3 and was designed by the same people!

A little more digging and I found THE CETME PAGE lots of info here after reading

up some more I took the plunge!

My CETME is the SS version and I love it when I pulled it out the box it was a mix of emotions the wood was

dark and dirty but intact the action was TIGHT but I knew that was to be expected.

Took it home cleaned the wood it turned out nice with a tiger stripe grain on the buttstock then cleaned out

the receiver not as bad as I had heard about no metal fillings just some oil and gunk.

Put it all back together with a thin coat of oil and the fun begins hand cycled the action 300 times and my arm was limp

but the action was much much smoother.

Took it to the range and BOOM I was hooked this rifle is great it was smooth not much recoil and it's

just plain fun to shoot.

If you have not got one of these yet you need to get one!