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A couple of months back I received a prototype Reproduction Cetme modelo C Buttpad
made by http://www.wildbillcody.com to evaluate.

It looked good and fit well on my new wood, well the other day I got a final production model.

The fit is still good the finish is smoother and looks even better!
There are different compounds that some buttpads are made of from hard zytel plastic to a hard rubber found
on some other military rifles.
The CETME buttpads most of us have are rather hard due to age and the compound used.
These new pads are slightly softer and alot more pliable and should help to reduce the already light recoil.

Here are some images of the buttpad installed and a comparison of the original and the new "WBC CET01"


Price is $10 plus shipping
Shipping is $3.85 Priority USPS

Which is a great deal for great looking Cetme Modelo C Pad!

So the CETME Modelo C buttpad get's a 5 star rating.

September The AWB is Gone!

For Now...

 Here ya go you get a bayo lug a cleaning kit tube and some spares for 9.97

Now you go here to get a unissued bayonet on the cheap.

Spanish Mauser Bayonet with Scabbard - Mint Condition!!! $9.99

Click the pic to goto the web sites


Well folks looks like century has finally came off all the bayo for the CETME

and Smoky Mountain Knife works has them.

Spanish Mauser Bayonet with Scabbard - Mint Condition!!! $12.99
brand: Century International Arms, Inc. BY0143
Made to fit either FR7 or FR8 Mauser.


No Tip right now


How to replace the rollers in the CETME or G3



Roller $2
+2 Roller used $3.50
+2 Roller New $5
10 Pack new in wrap $40
+4 Roller Used $4.50 SOLD OUT more available soon
+4 Roller New $7
4 pack new in wrap $25
10 pack new in wrap $60
Retainer Plate for rollers $3
Roll Pin for plate $1.50

+2 and +4 Rollers are available at a great price from RobertG just what the Dr. ordered to fix those headspace issues!


+2 and +4 Rollers are available at a great price from RobertG just what the Dr. ordered to fix those headspace issues!




The tip for January was to be careful with the new CETME coming out. Some of them have a ground Locking Piece and I have been told are potentially unsafe. I would take it to a Smith familiar with HK products and have it checked to be on the safe side.



Smoky Mountain Knife Works

Spanish Bayonet- Warehouse Find! (Limit 4 Per Order) $9.99

brand: Smoky Mountain Knife Works® BY143X
Warehouse find! This genuine bayonet was made in Toledo, Spain. It fits the FR7 and FR8 Spanish mausers.

·Carbon steel blade
·Black composition handle
·Black cast metal guard and pommel
·13-1/4" overall
·Black and green composition belt sheath.


This months is still TAPCO and the G3 Mags this is a hard one to beat!

Oh and CETME Mags are $3.99!


Tapco has the best prices on CETME Magazines and NOW G3 MAGS!

Last check they were $3!!!!