Welcome to the Ak section of Dr Zero.org !!!

My friend recently purchased an Ak without a manual and we went looking for some info on the AK family and there is lots out there BUT I could not find one single decent manual on the AK. Poor Scans unreadable text just bad stuff in general.

So I bought a couple of manuals some have been donated and there are more coming Ill host what I can so folks who buy an AK can have some good reference material available to them.

If you have any you would like to donate feel free to let me know.

Special thanks to Lycan for the Vector manual!

This site is here to provide to all owners out there who for one reason or another either did not receive a manual with their rifle a replacement manual so as to promote Safe Handling and Proper Maintenance.

If you are the original author of the manual and would not like to have the manual available as a Free Replacement here then please send an e-mail and it will be removed.


There is a new forum dedicated to the AK that I must say has some of the cream of the AK world. There is lots of other good info!



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Dragunov Manual



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